Every other year on the Isle of Portland in Dorset (UK), a Community Interest Company called b-side puts on an arts festival. New artworks, created by artists living across the world and across the Isle of Portland, appear and pop up across the island.

The artworks have been made in direct response to the Isle of Portland, to the island’s environment, heritage, culture, and the people that live there.

From the 9th – 12th September 2021 you can visit the Isle of Portland to see these artworks, meet the artists, and experience the additional events, workshops, and activities taking place during the b-side festival.
Click on the island on the left to be taken to b-side’s website to see all that is happening.

This island is a platform to show you a collection of digital and online artworks that b-side have either commissioned or are showcasing for our 2021 festival. Click on the b-side logos scattered across this island to view and enjoy these unique artworks.

But this island is also That Other Place, a parallel online world to the Isle of Portland. The world was discovered by a group of miners when they were working in Portland’s quarries. Today, Nairobi based arts collective, Creatives Garage have taken over this site to take you on a journey of this online world. That Other Place explores radical love and care, and is a world that strives to challenge racism, homophobia, and gender based violence. Journey across this island and you will receive insights into That Other Place. And look out for your guide, Rafiki, who will pop up and tell you her thoughts about our planet earth, as well as That Other Place.

With thanks to filmmaker Calum Kirkland for the use of his video footage in That Other Place opening film.

B-Side digital festival artworks
That Other Place

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